Although I was born and raised in the Midwest, one small town in Vermont has been my home for 35 years, and no other place in the world appeals to me more. My husband — a Vermont native whose roots go back to the Mayflower — and I share five hilltop acres with a flock of wild turkeys, a dog, and three cats. Sugaring (making maple syrup), extensive gardens, and the year-round work associated with heating with wood keep us busy across all five Vermont seasons — winter, mud, spring, summer, and fall.

Vermont is a wonderful place from which to write. Being snowbound is the perfect inspiration for spending lots of time in other worlds of my own invention. And as a lover of history, I find you can’t beat small New England towns, their old buildings, and their feisty old-timers with stories to tell.

Add proximity to the Green Mountains, Boston, and the rocky coast of Maine, and you have the perfect place to live and work.