A Road Well-Traveled

Road Final 2Becky Slater and her husband have purchased a burnt-out old farmhouse in a small Vermont town, where they plan to rebuild and make a new life for themselves.

Before they get very far, however, Rob Slater announces he’s in love with another woman and leaves.

Now alone, living in a trailer on a back road, Becky knows only the dairy-farming O’Connor family and Hayden Flynn, the quiet young handyman from a frighteningly dysfunctional family down the road.

The O’Connors — brothers Dean and Chip and their wives, Greer and Lauren — become central to her future, especially as she seeks to sort out her relationship with Hayden, who both fascinates and frightens her.

As the truth about the O’Connors begins to unfold, however, the startling revelations  reaffirm Becky’s doubts about commitment and fidelity, sending her down a road from which it will be difficult to return.

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