Lonely Souls

Lonely Souls 2Blinded and disfigured by the accident that took the lives of her husband and unborn child, Shelby Weaver-North seeks to start a new life in the small town of Chatham, Vermont.

She soon finds others like herself—lonely souls haunted by their personal demons.

Some, like Dawson Penfield, the half-Abenaki bastard of a local farmer, wear their pain on their sleeves.

Others, like Miriam Penfield, the wife of Dawson’s father, carry their anguish deep inside.

Shelby’s young housekeeper, Cassie Marsh, harbors a painful secret of her own, embodied in the illegitimate child she carries, while her best friend, Marcia Boardman, attempts to assuage her loneliness by welcoming disenfranchised young men into her bed.

Among them is Grant McIan, whose easy-going exterior belies an interior tormented by past decisions.

When unspeakable tragedy shatters the lives of her new friends, Shelby must face her own inner torments in order to help her friends deal with theirs.

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